From the incredible mind of Paul Hoffman, author of the Sunday Times bestselling The Left Hand of God trilogy comes a sharply intelligent and darkly funny Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde story for the 21st Century.

'Someone is eating priests, Inspector Scrope, and it’s got to stop.'

Told from the perspectives of both murderer, and the two detectives tasked with bringing him to justice, Scorn is a bold and sharp look at modern society filled with tragedy, pitch-black humour, and gripping revenge. A novel like no other, it pulls no punches and delivers an outstanding set of shocking twists alongside laugh-out-loud comedy.


After an experiment at the Large Hadron Collider goes horribly wrong, depressed scientist Aaron Gall wakes up to discover his mind and body have undergone an astonishing transformation. Now bursting with the joys of life, he is inspired to undertake a radical new therapy: to talk to the priests who brutalised him and his school friends, point out the intellectual dishonesty and inhumanity of their religious beliefs - and then eat them. Aaron enjoys the process so much (as well as taunting the police and MI5) he decides to extend his murderous conversations to include the Archbishop of Westminster, recently converted Catholic Tony Blair, the Queen of England - and, finally, the Pope himself. But a Catholic Church that has given the world the Crusades, the Inquisition, and Papal Infallibility hasn't survived for two thousand years without a reason. Aaron is in for the greatest shock in the history of mankind.

Scorn by Paul Hoffman is available for pre-order now, published 7th September by Red Opera, £18.99 in hardback, £7.99 in paperback and £4.99 eBook.

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