The Archaeology of The Left Hand of God

The space vessel discovered on the 32nd of Ventose AD 113 by Capt Victoria Ung Khanan. Best estimates are that it is some 165, 000 years old. The footprints in the foreground were made by the original cosmonauts.


The Unified Nations Archaeological Survey (UNAS) has repeatedly refused to release any of its vast catalogue of preliminary assessments of the numerous sites it has now discovered belonging to what is now referred to as the Redeemer Period. Their explanation for this secrecy is that these many sites are too numerous and fragile to risk having information allowed into the public domain until (no doubt at some distant point in the future)  all the sites can be protected from sightseers, treasure hunters and criminals intent on ransacking these irreplaceable sites for artefacts to sell on the black market. We reject these apparently plausible excuses on the grounds that some of the sites, as can be seen from the following, have already been adequately secured and that where this is not the case the positioning of the sites can be readily disguised. As a result, and having carefully established that these sites and artefacts are completely protected, we have decided to publish leaked details of the following sites with all information likely to lead to their specific location carefully removed. We strongly urge UNAS to take the same responsible but realistic safeguards and publish site details wherever possible. If they fail to do so we will continue to release carefully vetted information into the public domain.